Ülle Ilutuba

MATISPA Detox 75 min/55€

The treatment begins with spraying Rain Moisture Care in the air - an aromatic and refreshing treatment environment.
Keha koorimine ühtlustab ja puhastab naha pinna.
A body wrap containing Japanese honey tree oil follows - the wrap is relaxing and helps to cleanse the body of residue.
The health capsule program: a steam sauna, infrared sauna, vibration, aroma and colour therapy and massaging showers for the whole body.
The treatment ends with a full body rub with Balsam or Marula oils along with a spray of Rain Moisture Care.

MATISPA Slim 75 min/55€

The treatment begins with a whole body peel(Exfoliating Body Scrub).
A self-warming and slimming mask containing Guarana along with a health capsule slimming program follows.
The treatment ends with a full body rub with Moisturizing Body Lotion or Tonislim bodycream

About me

My name is Ülle Münzer.

I worked at Tervise Paradiis- a local spa hotel & water park for 10 years, specializing in facial and body treatments. I realized I would like to work independently in the field and created my own business.

I thoroughly enjoy performing treatments and communicating with clients.

I hope to see all of you at my BeautyRoom!