Ülle Ilutuba

Regular services

Healthcapsule treatment 30 min/20€

A strongly relaxing sensual experience resulting in a perfect feeling of well-being


60 min/35€
30 min/25€

About me

My name is Ülle Münzer.

I worked at Tervise Paradiis- a local spa hotel & water park for 10 years, specializing in facial and body treatments. I realized I would like to work independently in the field and created my own business.

I thoroughly enjoy performing treatments and communicating with clients.

I hope to see all of you at my BeautyRoom!

MATIS capsule treatments

MATISPA Detox 75 min/55€

A residue discharging and body purifying treatment in the health capsule - modernized DETOX

MATISPA Slim 75 min/55€

A metabolism stimulating treatment in the health capsule - a new level of fat burn

Facial treatments

MATIS rejuvenating and moisturizing facial treatment 60 min/45€

Well suited for every skin type - silky smooth and elastic skin as a result

MATIS facial treatment for sensitive skin 60 min/45€

A facial treament for softer skin - a relaxing, nourishing and redness reducing result

MATIS facial treatment for men 60 min/45€

A facial treatment specifically designed for men

MATIS facial treatment for young people 30 min/20€

An ideal facial treatment for the younger generation - a fresh and clean feeling

Hand paraffin

DEPILEVE warm paraffin mask for hands 30 min/20€

Soft and elastic hand skin - an effective beauty and treatment procedure